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I’ve been obese all my life. My BMI last year was 43, and that was pretty much when I decided to do something about it.

I started jogging, which brought my BMI to 41, and that’s where my progress plateaued. I have the drive, but my body at 36 years of age was slowing down. I needed help, and that’s how I got to know about LipoGenix Elite. I ordered a bottle of LipoGenix Elite and from the first dose I knew that this was some strong stuff. I started sweating profusely, but that was expected since LipoGenix Elite was a thermogenic, and I also felt energized. I started doing more intense workouts such as biking and jogging – all with LipoGenix Elite. Every time I do workouts, my clothes were drenched with sweat. In 4 months that I’ve been using LipoGenix Elite I was able to bring my BMI to 30 – 6’3 and 230 lbs. I gained a bit of muscle too, which is nice. If you’re looking for an intense fat burner, LipoGenix Elite is the right pill for you. Just be prepared to take outrageous amounts of water!

Roger Harris

Orlando, FL

After I turned 40, my body pretty much went from fit to flab overnight.

I stopped paying attention to my workouts, and I didn’t have that energy that I used to have when I was younger. Thankfully, I came across LipoGenix Elite. In just 2 weeks I lost 7 lbs, and got in a pretty good shape after a month. Friends that I usually meet twice in a year didn’t recognize me when we met. I’d have to say, a total of 20lbs lost is a HUGE deal. Shirts are 1-2 sizes larger, and none of my pants fit. Not that I’m complaining. I’m more than happy to spend for new clothes now that I’ve slimmed down. I’d be pretty bummed out if I had to buy another set of bigger pants. Thanks to LipoGenix Elite, that won’t happen again!

Martin Berenson

Norfolk, VA

I’ve taken lots of supplements, and by lots – I really mean LOTS.

I take protein shakes, pre-workout drinks, recovery supplements, testosterone pills, pump supplements – you name it, I’ve had it. I’m no stranger to fat burning pills. I usually find myself in the search for some effective fat burner after I bulk, and time and time again, I just proved that cardio is the only thing that works – until LipoGenix Elite came. I tried LipoGenix Elite and I felt like fat was evaporating from my body. It’s insane. For us who want to get ripped, this is extremely helpful, especially when you consider that cardio exercises makes you lose a bit of your muscle mass. Stuff like LipoGenix Elite is really good. I reduced my body fat to an awesome 4% which made my muscles really pop. Will buy again for maintenance!

Brad Wilson

Los Angeles, CA

Let me paint you a picture – I’m a stocky guy. 6’1 , and back in 2014, I weighed over 350lbs. I didn’t pay any attention to my weight. I figured that I’m a guy and nobody really cares if I’m huge or ripped – until I had a nasty scare.

I was just moving a piece of furniture when a searing pain ripped through my back. A slew of tests and a couple of MRIs later, my doc revealed that I had a herniated disc, which was probably caused by my weight. To top that off, it was also revealed that I have high blood sugar, hypertension, and high cholesterol. I knew that my lifestyle had to change, and that’s how I came across LipoGenix. I went to a gym, and some of my gym buddies recommended LipoGenix Elite. I never had a fat burning supplement before, so I can’t really compare it to anything else. But what really stuck with me was the exact moment when it kicks in. You wouldn’t mistake it for anything else. The focus, energy, and the SWEAT was all there for you to see. I took LipoGenix Elite regularly for three weeks, and I didn’t really see how much fat I was able to burn until I got back on the weighing scale. 27 lbs in just 3 weeks. I continued using LipoGenix Elite for 4 months, and now I’ve lost a total of 93lbs! I must say, I really look like one of those biggest loser winners. Thanks LipoGenix Elite!

Bubba James

New York City , NY

Some just don’t understand the struggle that women face with weight problems.

You eat too much and you gain a ton. You starve yourself and you barely see the difference. I can say that I’m in shape, but keeping this figure has its ups and downs. For most days, I look okay, but when I decide to indulge a little bit, the belly bulge lasts for weeks. For years, I figured that starving myself is the only option to gain a slim figure, but when I started taking LipoGenix Elite, I had a whole new view of maintaining weight. It’s a lot easier to be in shape if you have a product like LipoGenix Elite. My hunger pangs decreased, and I was much more toned than I was before. Thank you, LipoGenix Elite!

Anne Kirk

San Ramon, CA

My buddy gave me his leftover LipoGenix Elite pills after he was done with the cut phase of his training. He was pretty ripped to begin with, so I figured that his body is just genes or something. I didn’t know that this pill right here is the key to everything.

I’m a regular dude. I buy XL, I buy loose pants for comfort, and I don’t really know what my waist line is. I took a pill of LipoGenix Elite and I can literally feel sweat trickle down my back without doing anything. This stuff is intense. I lost a lot of weight – 15 lbs in just 10 days of taking LipoGenix Elite, and that wasn’t even the end of it. I was able to do more reps and it helped me a lot with my workouts. I ditched my pre-workout blend and decided to stick with this for good. Awesome pill!

Jonathan Peterson

Baltimore, MD










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